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We are proud to be a DOD SkillBridge partner, offering internships of 3-6 months to Service members. With a flexible, remote environment, we welcome applicants from throughout the country who have a desire to make a difference.


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What is a Digital Content Writer?

A digital content writer writes, develops, edits, and publishes content and copy for a variety of digital platforms, including websites, blogs, videos, email marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns, social media posts, infographics, whitepapers, and more. Digital content writers are skilled at developing and promoting a company brand, service, or product through the various digital content they produce. Average annual salary for a digital content writer in the U.S. (reported by is $69,045.

Digital content writers are hired to work for companies of all sizes, often as part of a marketing team. Because content writers can work from anywhere with Internet access, many writers are self-employed/freelance. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates 9% growth in jobs for content writers between 2020 and 2030.

About This Internship

Interns will learn to author, edit, and review content for our education-focused resource site at  

In this role you’ll learn to write and publish both short-form and long-form content on an assortment of topics focused on our audience of teachers and parents. Topics are driven by SEO (search engine optimization) data, and training will include how to write content that is both engaging for visitors, and that will drive SEO results.  You’ll produce a variety of materials including reviews of software, lists of helpful resources, guides for parents and teachers, and social media posts to promote your work. As a successful content writer for Aptiris, you will experience a deep dive in the education space and develop an understanding of what target audiences are looking for and how to best present that information.

At Aptiris we’ve had an all-remote workforce since 2008. As part of this internship you’ll gain valuable experience working with an online team, and will be able to demonstrate to future employers your ability to work effectively in an independent, online setting. Internship terms of 90 to 180 days are available.

Internship activities will include:

  • Creating short-form and long-form content with an education focus

  • Researching trends in the education industry and identifying ways we can provide resources in these areas

  • Promoting new and existing content through social media marketing

  • Editing existing content with updated information

  • Regular communication and coordination with the Marketing Manager

Profile: The ideal candidate for this position will possess the following skills & attitudes:

  • Great at communicating, particularly in writing or visually

  • An obsessive eye for consistency and accuracy

  • Ability to write clearly and succinctly

  • Familiarity with major social media platforms

  • Excellent work ethic and strong self-motivation

  • Desire and ability to innovate and improve upon current processes

  • Adaptability and and capacity to quickly learn new concepts and tools

  • Experience using WordPress is helpful, but not required

  • Understanding of and/or interest in the Education sector is a plus


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