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Implementation & Consultation Services

Edsby views all services as a partnership with our clients. Operationally, we integrate closely with client staff to create a coherent team focused on delivery of project objectives and outcomes. A combination of tools including teleconferences, videoconferencing, screen sharing, online collaboration, on-site meetings and asynchronous messaging provides operational continuity.

Our project management philosophy emphasizes responsibility, accountability, and communication.  These three principles provide clarity for project teams on roles, deliverables, and expectations that yield a cooperative atmosphere and enable all to meet project timelines and milestones.

"When I switched jobs last year and started looking for a new provider, I did not hesitate to select Aptiris, knowing that I'd be getting outstanding service. I have not been disappointed."
- Jeff Johnson, Professional Services Engineer

Whether you are designing and deploying a new Websby website, planning to roll-out a Edsby or Twine as your new LMS and communications hub, or looking to better leverage your FirstClass collaboration suite, Aptiris is here to help. Please contact us to for more information or to schedule a call.

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