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About FirstClass

Since 1989, FirstClass, a division of Open Text Corporation, has been delivering cost-effective, highly scalable, feature-rich communication and collaboration solutions for educational organizations and businesses.  

The company's flagship product, the FirstClass Collaboration Suite, is a fully integrated suite of applications designed to enhance communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.  The FirstClass Collaboration Suite includes components such as email and instant messaging, calendaring, contacts, personal web publishing, online workspaces, file storage, and more - all fully customizable and accessible from a single desktop.

Over 8 million users, among thousands of installations, are currently experiencing the benefits of FirstClass solutions.

Core Architecture

Reliability - Scalability - Performance

What use is any tool if performance problems, security vulnerabilities, or even routine maintenance procedures mean it isn't available when you need it? While many products are promoted solely on features, it is the underlying core architecture of FirstClass that sets the stage for unsurpassed reliability, scalability and performance.

Originally founded and developed by systems engineers from Nortel Networks, FirstClass brings to data and collaboration networks an architecture inspired by telephony-grade uptime and scalability requirements.  Production FirstClass sites regularly achieve 99.99% and greater uptime, with the largest FirstClass servers today supporting more than 400,000 users on a single core server.

Your requirements may be more modest, but isn't it good to know that you can expand your communications network over time without worrying about loss of reliability or continuous hardware additions?

Connecting Knowledge Workers

FirstClass is much more than than traditional "Groupware" which most think of as email, contacts, calendars and document storage.  With FirstClass, sites can deploy any range of applications, from discussion boards to instant messaging; blogging and web publishing to podcasts; online forms and workflow to surveys and database applications.

Platform Benefits

What makes FirstClass such an ideal platform for delivery of these applications?  Quite a bit, actually:

Anywhere, Anytime Access: With access available via custom client software, web browsers, mobile phones, PDAs, telephone, and support for standard protocols such as POP and IMAP, getting connected couldn't be easier.
Multi-Platform Support:  The native FirstClass client supports Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms, offering a cross platform experience that is secure, rich, and identical from any computer.
Security: FirstClass was engineered with security in mind, including not only hardening client and server components to resist attacks, but also safeguarding information as it is stored and transmitted.  Real security means reduced downtime, reduced administrative costs, and peace of mind that your data will not be compromised.
Extensibility: Sites running FirstClass are not limited to the applications built into the core software.  Powerful document workflow handling allows easy creation of online forms that may go through complex, multi-stage approval processes.  Use of FirstClass Application Services allows sites to take advantage of database-driven add-ons for FirstClass, or to build their own database applications delivered through the existing FirstClass architecture.

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