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What's Next? Tackling The Next Communications Challenge

Many schools are struggling today with how to move beyond email and traditional collaboration in a way that meaningfully engages parents & students, while not overwhelming teachers.

Join us as we discuss the trends we're seeing today, and talk about the technologies we believe are poised to help.

Tue, Dec 16th
11:00 AM ET

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December 2014 - Edsby named Top Product for K-12

District Administration magazine selected Edsby from a field of more than 2,400 products for its 2014 list of top educational software products. Congratulations (again), Edsby!

October 2014 - FirstClass GO Updates

The FirstClass GO mobile client has been released for mobile Windows devices, and the 12.0.140 update for Android is now available.  

October 2014 - SSL Security Alert

A vulernability was recently discovered in SSL version 3. FirstClass Internet Services supports this protocol; sites are advised to disable SSLv3, allowing only SSL connections using the newer, secure SSL versions. Please see details here.

July 2014 - FirstClass GO Available

The new FirstClass GO mobile clients are available for download from the Apple iTunes store and Google Play. Please advise your end-users that the GO client should be configured to log in using your FirstClass Web Services URL.

June 2014 - FC12 Mobile Service Pack

FirstClass GO, the redesigned mobile clients for FirstClass, will be available for download in a few weeks. For these new mobile clients to work, servers must be running the latest FC12 updates to the core server and FCWS.  Please see the FC12 Mobile Service Pack Release Notes for details.

April 2014 - Edsby / Google Apps Integration

Sites running Google Apps for Education can now enjoy integration with Edsby including single-sign-on, access to files in Google Drive, and more. Just another way that Edsby helps to simplify the worklife of teachers and students.

March 2014 - Edsby/FirstClass Integration

Organizations around the world that use FirstClass can now use the FirstClass user directory when logging in to the Edsby social learning system. Just one more example of how Edsby is designed to work alongside existing systems.

December 2013 - FirstClass 12 SP2 (FCWS, FCSS)

Check your Update Service conference for the latest builds, including Web Services 12.0.062 and Synchronization Services 11 Build 23.

October 2013 - FirstClass 12 SP1 (FCWS)

FirstClass Web Services 12 Service Pack 1 is now available, and includes significant updates to both features and functionality in the new web interface.  Please check your FC Update Service conference for details.

September 2013 - FirstClass 12 SP1 (FCS)

FirstClass Server 12 Service Pack 1 is now available, and includes fixes for iPhone client issues and much more.  Please check your FC Update Service conference for details.

August 2013 - FirstClass 12 SP1 (IS)

12 Service Pack 1 will be a phased release, and the first component, Internet Services, has been released.  Please check your FC Update Service conference for the new build.

June 2013 - FirstClass 12 is here!

OpenText has released FirstClass 12, including the new FirstClass Web Services module.  Please read here for more information on the release.

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